2010 NFL Draft Speculation Begins! News and Mock Drafts

With the NFL regular season winding down last weekend we got a peek at what the top of the 2010 NFL Draft order is going to look like. It was a matter of switching places for the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams. Think the Rams will go for their franchise QB this year or will they stack the Defensive Line with Ndamukong Suh, the Defensive Tackle from Nebraska?

A majority of the mock drafts we are browsing have the Rams going with a boy named Suh (get used to that cheesy line, I’m telling ya). Football Jabber will have it’s first mock draft up this week. For now let’s have a look around the webs at some NFL Draft Jabber…

  • NFL Draft Today has rounded up the usual suspects at the top of the draft. 70% of the teams in the Top 10 were there last year.
  • NFL Draft Dog has fired up his Mock Draft machine with the new order.
  • A headline at Pittsburghlive.com reads “Steelers will pick higher in this year’s draft.” Ouch…rub it in on the Steer fans Captain Obvious.
  • Detroit Free Press is ready for their hot time of the year, looking at the prospects the Lions can pick over after the Rams pick.
  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer is polling it’s fans who they think should be drafted while Holmgren figures out what to do with Mangini. Maybe they should poll that too.
  • Watch the underclassmen as they declare for the draft at CBS Sports.

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