Updated NFL Mock Draft 1.2 | Shaking the Middle Up

With only the Super Bowl to play the 2010 NFL Draft order is pretty much set except for the coin flips. We have updated our 2010 NFL Mock Draft, shaking up some picks in the middle of the order a bit. Following are some players that made some moves…

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Dez Bryant: In the last Mock we had Bryant going to the Dolphins. This time around he makes a move up to the Broncos who will look to replace Brandon Marshall.

Sergio Kindle: The Dolphins no longer have to debate whether they should go WR with Bryant gone. They do need help with a pass rushing OLB. Kindle is the man but we suspect there is another who is going to work his way up as the top 3-4 OLB option.

Anthony Davis and Earl Thomas: These guys have both went to the Niners in previous mocks…they still do but in different draft spots.

Rolando McClain: Previously going to the Broncos he falls a little into the welcoming arms of an every year contender.

That’s it for now. Can’t wait to see who makes a move with a strong Senior Bowl week!

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