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In case you have not heard there is a football game this weekend. One more football game to cap the season. I usually leave my love for the Saints out of the Football Jabber…NOT TODAY! Geaux Saints! I have to say that it is a very strange feeling to have my team in the Super Bowl and I really don’t know what to do with it. The last few years I was blogging much more about the Super Bowls but this year I have been more of a fan.

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Anyway, I will be spending the next couple of days soaking up as much as I can of the Saints Super Bowl experience. Thought I would share some links here for those that have been having a hard time finding any information about the game online (yeah, that was a joke).

  • Ever play with Enter the details down to the weather forecast in Miami for Sunday.  I love going there and punching in the big games as I’m a stats junkie. two out of three went to the Saints.
  • There is a pretty awesome “History of” for both the Colts and Saints, as well as all the Super Bowls that have been played in Miami at
  • Speaking of all the Super Bowls, watch the highlights at
  • The Sporting News looks at the key players
  • Bruce Jenner tells Reggie Bush he needs a Super Bowl ring to get in with Kim’s family.
  • The Indy Star is already having readers write the winning  headline.
  • Bobby Herbert leading Who Dat Nation.
  • Get your Saints Inspired Super Bowl Party recipes HERE! More recipes HERE from Saints players personal Chefs.
  • The Star also looks at the QB matchup for the ages.
  • You have to have a look at Gil Brandt’s matchups at They also have some video for your viewing pleasure!
  • As of now, 68% of the “Point/Counter Point” vote at the is in favor of the Colts.
  • Clifton Brown at The Sporting News has a look at “The Other Payton.”
  • Madden 2010 says it’s a Saints win…watch the highlights HERE.
  • CNN talks about how Mardi Gras has nothing on the Saints in the Super Bowl.
  • Drew Brees shares what the  the flear-de-lis symbolizes for New Orleans.
  • Jonathan Vilma doing the homework on Peyton Manning’s calls…

Some Super Bowl Video Action!

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