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The last NFL Mock Draft Updated before the season finale that comes on Super Bowl Sunday. A bit strange to say. In previous years Football Jabber had pretty much waited until after the season was over to start rolling out the mock drafts but we are so pumped about the 2010 NFL Draft that we are on our fourth update and getting set to add a second round! It’s getting hard with not enough drafts spots in the first round for players that could easily land there! Let’s have a look at some of the changes in this version…

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#8 Oakland Raiders-Who knows what the %#$@ Al Davis will do if he makes it to April. Previously we had them going top pass rusher Derrick Morgan. Thinking a little more need based could we see the Raiders get over the Robert Gallery pick and go Offensive Tackle again in the first round? That is where we have them going…

#10 Jacksonville Jaguars-In mocks up until now we had the Jags going Navorro Bowman, thinking that he would bring some swagger back to the defense. What if the top pass rusher falls there? They don’t appear to be satisfied with the early picks from just two years ago.

#12 Miami Dolphins-The Fins can seriously use help at Wide Receiver to go with Chad Henne’s arm but what are the chances of them taking one this early? Look at that linebacker corps. Getting older on the outside and that is what we had them addressing before. What if Rolando McClain fell and they could plant him inside?

#13-17 San Francisco 49ers-In the past we have had the Niners taking Texas Safety Earl Thomas at either positions, depending on who is available at the other pick. They still take him but there is a change at which Offensive Tackle they take with the other first round pick.

#15 New York Giants- Oh how the Giants would love for Rolando McClain to fall here. Alas he does not this time around. We know how the Giants love the pass rush and they have a chance to make it better here.

#18 Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers seriously need to upgrade the Offensive Line if they want to keep Big Ben upright long enough to get back into winning games. What if OT is scraped over by now? They also need serious help in the secondary and that is the direction we have them going…

#19 Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons need big time secondary help but if the Steelers swipe their pick they need to go another direction. Not so sure about this pick but the Falcons would have trouble passing on him and he shouldn’t fall any further than this.

#21 Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals need help at Wide Receiver and find themselves in a position where it may be a reach to take one here. If one of the WR work their way up draft boards they could certainly fall here. I have not been big on the Bengals taking a Tight End as they have never been a Tight End team in the passing game and have had the chances to upgrade if they wanted to be. With that said…this Tight End is a great value here and if they want to start throwing to the TE he can catch it.

#24 Philadelphia Eagles- The Eagles are tough to pick and could go in a number of directions. Previously we had Carlos Dunlap fall to them at this pick. Now he is gone and there is another gift waiting for them.  It’s looking like the Eagles are in a position to get a great value pick one way or another having the freedom to go with whoever falls.

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