Five NFL Draft Podcasts for Your Earbuds!

With the 2010 NFL Draft and the Scouting Combine coming up I can not get enough podcasts dedicated to the subject downloaded into my iPod. Rumors, NFL team needs, sleepers, Prospect rankings and comparisons, OH MY! I can just not get enough listening whether it is while browsing or working off the holidays on the Elliptical at the gym (yeah I should be over that by now…).  Below are a few of my favorites for you to try out if you don’t listen to them already…

ESPN First Draft: A half hour format like most ESPN shows. Downloads can be had on Wednesday, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay talk NFL Draft buzz and debate prospects. I see that the 2/24/09 edition is still available from last year. This was one of the classic football podcasts that came across my iPod in recent years as Kiper and McShay took off the gloves and some voices raised while debating if Matt Stafford should go #1 to the Lions. You certainly get the idea that while these two respect each other they often think the other is an idiot.

The Audible: take an NFL Draft turn from the usual Fantasy Football Talk. Often there will be talk of how the prospect may produce as a fantasy player but not enough for you to bypass this if you don’t play the game. If you do…bonus, you should be subscribed to this anyway. These guys have been doing this a while and you can tell when it comes time to get in depth. Find it HERE at iTunes as well.

Draft Countdown: Scott Wright of is now putting out a podcast. You can just tell this guy bleeds passion for the draft process while listening to him. Finding the Podcast is kind of touch and go at times. At one point it wasn’t updating in iTunes and there does not appear to be a clear link at his site. The best way to get notified when it is updated is to follow Scott on Twitter.

Scout Radio: NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber hosts this Podcast. There are often co-hosts and guests keeping the conversation going on Wednesday nights. From what I can find it is available around the Scout Network and there  isn’t a download link or iTunes to be found. Save this one for when you need some listening while browsing online.

ESPN Football Today: Not dedicated  to the NFL Draft but you can be certain there will be plenty of draft talk with the Combine and Draft getting closer.

There you go. Have a listen while browsing our NFL Mock Draft. If you have some favorites that are not listed here by all means, drop them in the comments!

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