NFL Free Agency Forces Mock Draft Changes

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The dust has not even settled on the 2010 NFL Draft Scouting Combine and Free Agency is off and running. Some of the moves that have been made since early Friday morning are going to have an impact on how the teams draft in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Although we are still sorting through some of the Combine data, Free Agency is forcing some Mock Draft changes that can’t wait…

The first pick directly impacted by free agency in this mock draft update is the Jacksonville Jaguars at pick #10. Previously we had the Jags going with Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech. With the signing of Aaron Kampman at Defensive End the Jags can look elsewhere. They certainly could still take Morgan considering they can use another pass rusher and Kampman may not be 100% but that would be admitting that the two picks used in 2008 were total busts. The Jags can make a move here for Dez Bryant setting off a series of changes.

With Bryant gone the Broncos look on the defensive side of the ball with ILB Rolando McClain. They would love to have Dez Bryant, especially if Brandon Marshall is shipped out as expected…but he is gone.

Until a few days ago the Dolphins may have been bummed to see McClain go. Signing Karlos Dansby would have changed that even if he didn’t go to Denver. Where to go now? A pass rusher? Could be. There is another BIG space to possibly be filled as Nose Tackle Jason Ferguson is facing a suspension. Should the Fins look at Big Dan Williams from Tennessee?

With the Atlanta Falcons bringing Cornerback Dunta Robinson home to Georgia they can now focus on getting some pressure on the passer. Who to take? Carlos Dunlap, Everson Griffen, and Sergio Kindle are still on the board. Kindle is looked at as more of an OLB but if they wanted to work him as both that could be interesting. We went Dunlap though.

One of the interesting changes resulted from the trade between the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens that included Anquan Boldin heading east. While the Ravens could certainly still look at a young receiver they could also look elsewhere in the passing game by adding Jermaine Gresham at Tight End. Adding Boldin and Gresham would make for immediate weapons for Joe Flacco.

So that wraps up some of the moves in the Football Jabber 2010 NFL Mock Draft in the first round. As there are more signings this week and we finish going over the Combine we will be updating and adding a second round later in the week.

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