Bruce Campbell Will Fill Two Oakland Raiders Needs

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Given the love of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has for speed and workout warriors people expect him to reach in the draft each year. Last year the shock was not in the fact that the Raiders passed on Michael Crabtree so much as who it was for. It was speculated that Al may shoot for a faster WR in Jeremy Maclin. In the end the Raiders used the #7 pick on Darrius Heyward-Bey out of Maryland…a WR that many had a mid to late first round grade on.

2010 is here, which player will the Raiders reach for this year? They have a big need at Offensive Tackle. Just so happens that there is one, from Maryland, that had a monster Combine. Bruce Campbell is getting the Raiders pick in many mock drafts this week.

It is amusing really to think that with the Raiders pick they have to take someone that nobody else would at that position. Someone with a great 40 time despite the fact you may never see the man run 40 yards. To mockers it becomes illogical to draft logical for the Raiders. Ahhh, that is part of the fun, isn’t it?

We are not prepared to make that leap just yet in our updated 2010 NFL Mock Draft. It would certainly not surprise us though.

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