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The unveiling of the Tim Tebow 2.0 throwing motion at the Florida Gators Pro Day has shot his draft stock up to…still no higher then the second round.  Tebow has made great strides in his motion since the Senior Bowl. If you have not seen the video there is not the big windmill of a throw like he is pulling it out of his pocket. The ball comes up and stays pretty much parallel to his shoulder before the overhand throw.

Regardless of the improvement it will not motivate anyone to grab him in the first round. There is some thought of using him as a Wild Cat QB. His speed isn’t going to scare anyone unless they were going to use him to throw out of it…which makes him a QB, right?

For us here if Timmy has helped himself at all it is getting himself from the third round to late second round. So…we lied, maybe he did change his stock, just not as dramatic as everyone would hope. Especially since they are thinking of inviting him to the NFL Draft when you won’t see many of the sure thing first rounders invited to the draft.

Whoever drafts Tebow is likely still looking at a couple years before he would be ready to play Quarterback in the NFL. This is one of the reasons it seemed like he may be a good fit for a team like the Indianapolis Colts behind Peyton Manning (like where we have him in the 2nd round of our 2010 Mock Draft). At the end of the second round a team like the Colts, who don’t have a lot of needs, could justify that move.

Another interesting spot that has been mentioned is with the New England Patriots. Having three second round picks could just encourage Bill Belichick to use one of the later if Tebow is still there. On top of it if the Colts are interested you get to twist the knife on them a little bit.

In Florida Gator First Round prospect news…Joe Haden redeemed himself a bit by running a 40 time in the 4.4 area.

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