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One of the things that can be troublesome in doing a first round mock draft is that if a major need is not met with the pick fans are up in arms. “How could you not address X Position!?!?!” Well, at times the biggest need position can have quite a drop off on the board when the pick comes up while another need at Y Position has a steal waiting to be had, right? The NFL Draft has more than one round, right? This is what makes expanding to two or three rounds so much more enjoyable.

The last Mock Draft Update for the month of March has been expanded to three rounds. Might as well have Chicago have a pick in a mock draft, huh?

Below you will find the Top Five picks from the first round and we also threw in the round two and three picks so you can see how that panned out. The entire three round Mock Draft can be found HERE.

#1 St. Louis Rams-Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

So it appears that the Rams have started taking advantage of the fact that the holder of the first overall pick gets to negotiate contracts. They are talking to the agents for N. Suh, Gerald McCoy, Jimmy Clausen, and Sam Bradford to get a jump on the process. There is not much reason to think that the player taken won’t be Sam Bradford. It is clear that the Rams are in need of a franchise QB and you have heard about how they recently passed on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez. The only thing that should keep him out of this pick is if something went haywire with the shoulder. The trade rumors for Donovan McNabb are just that, rumors, at this point.

Rd 2-Arrelious Benn, WR,Illinois;  Rd3-Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

#2Detroit Lions-N.Suh, DT, Nebraska

Whether the Rams go QB or not with the first pick the Lions will be able to get one of the stud Defensive Tackles here. In this case Suh falls and the Lions are happy to snatch him up. With the signing of Kyle Vanden Bosch and bringing in Corey Williams, the Lions fans have reason to get a little pumped up this season. There is still a chance that they could go Russell Okung at Offensive Tackle. Wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world but there is quite a drop off from Suh to Okung.

Rd 2-Kareem Jackson,CB, Alabama, Rd 3-Jonathan Dwyer,RB, Georgia Tech

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

The Bucs have to be ecstatic to be in the position they are this season. Sure, you would rather not be the #3 pick in the draft…but when you are and a player that could potentially be the best player in the draft falls to you without you having to maneuver a bit, that is some good stuff! Defensive Tackle is a big need for the Bucs and if the Rams take Bradford first overall then the Bucs get to take their pick of Suh and Gerald McCoy. The pressure is also off them on making the choice between the two. The Bucs also have to take a look at Defensive End and Wide Receiver very soon.

Rd2-(#35)Carlos Dunlop, DE, Florida, (#42) Patrick Robinson; Rd3-Taylor Price, WR, Ohio

#4 Washington Redskins-Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

The biggest need for the Washington Redskins is Offensive Tackle. In the last five mocks we have had Russell Okung going here and OT before that. We believe that Okung should be the pick here. With that said, there is a weird Clausen feeling here. First of all there is the whole thing about how you don’t expect to pick this high again next year, take the guy while you can. If the Redskins think Clausen can be a franchise QB they have to make that move with the recent success of young QBs. Second, you don’t hear about how the Skins love Clausen yet, trying to pump up a possible trade. They could easily move back and get a left tackle in this deep first round for OT. Is it one of those things where silence gives a clue? Third, Rex Grossman is not a QB you bring in to compete with or push your current QB anymore. He does however appear like the token vet who is not the current QB on the outs when you bring in a rookie.

Rd2-Charles Brown,OT,USC

#5 Kansas City Chiefs-Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.

In previous mocks we had the Chiefs going Eric Berry here. Berry would fill a need and make an instant impact. In this case though the best OT on the board falls to the Chiefs and with that being a major need as well you have to consider strengthening the Offensive Line. The Chiefs have got a major face lift over the last two years and it’s the perfect time to grab the Left Tackle for years to come. It’s also the safer pick then taking a Safety so high.

Rd2-Nate Allen, S, S. Florida;  Rd3-Koa Misi, OLB, Utah

Round One 1-16 | Round One 17-32 | Round Two| Round Three

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