Will C.J. Spiller Outweigh Teams Big Needs in NFL Draft?

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When updating NFL Mock Drafts the big needs of each NFL team are taken into consideration. Every year there are players that seem to be total surprises because the team chose a position that did not appear as one of the major needs. Joe Fan has to remember that the teams have done their homework on the whole draft, not just the first round. They may even have someone on the roster to fill that spot vacated in Free Agency. In the process they gain what they think is a pretty damned good football player….need or not.

C.J. Spiller can fall into this role in the 2010 NFL Draft. He is likely to fall in the late Top 10 to Top 15 picks. The teams falling in there are teams that have other glaring needs but can use a guy who can run/catch/return the ball. Spiller does not need to be an every down back to warrant the high pick. There are few every down backs left in the NFL anyway…which means there are a lot of teams that can use another back.

So where can he land? If in the Top 10 it is likely someone will trade up there to get him. Most of those teams are picking there for a reason and could help fix that where they are. Word is the Dolphins and Giants could move into position. “But they have needs on defense!” says Joe Fan. It’s a long draft Joe.

All though we currently have Spiller falling out of the Top 15 in our Mock Draft, it isn’t likely it will happen and we will adjust that in the next version. The  49ers (#13) and Seahawks (#14) both have two first rounders and a use for him (and have both landed him in our previous mocks).

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