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Less than three weeks away from the 2010 NFL Draft! Updated Mock Drafts are rolling in and there appears to be a consensus that Sam Bradford will go first overall to the St. Louis Rams. After that it’s game on as some mockers are taking the number two pick as the point to jump in different directions. Let’s browse around at some of the mocks from this week…

The Football Jabber Mock Draft has taken some flack over the last week for giving the Redskins Jimmy Clausen. Sure, Okung would be the smart, safe pick…as we point out. But there are a few things that give us that Clausen feeling that we point out in the commentary.

Trojan Empire has Clausen going to the Vikings. This is a very interesting pick if he were to fall that far. is doing a mock draft called “On the Beat” that asks writers and broadcasters to make the picks for the team that they cover on an everyday basis. They also throw in a little video action of them making their picks. Check it out HERE. You can also have your say in the Fan War Rooms .

Pete Prisco at CBS Sports has broke away from the usual mocks by having Trent Williams going #2 overall and Gerald McCoy dropping out of the Top 5 in his latest Mock Draft.

Junkyard Jake is one of those that still feel that Eric Berry is good enough for a Safety to go in the top three picks.

The earliest we have seen Damian Williams, USC, WR go yet. Fantasy Football Xtreme has them going to the Titans at #16.

There are a handful of usual suspects when it comes to the question of where Michigan OLB/DE Brandon Graham will end up. Draft Ace is the first we have seen where he lands with the Niners with one of their first rounders.

Pat Kirwin sees Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech going in the Top 10. Not bad for a guy who has not worked out because of his broken foot. Hopefully that will be the only thing in common with Michael Crabtree he has regarding getting started with his NFL career.

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