Tim Tebow to the Saints?

Mock Drafters are having a hell of a time with Tim Tebow, especially those only doing first round mocks. Most of them don’t have trades included so they have to figure out a late first round pick to use on him. Charles Davis at NFL.com has decided to place Tim Tebow with the Saints to get him into the first round in his latest Mock Draft…

I predicted Senior Bowl week that someone will fall in love with him and find a way to draft him in the first round, and it’s time for me to stand by that statement. And the roar of shock, awe, approval, disapproval will be long and sustained as the first round concludes with his name called. Sean Payton would love to “mad scientist” this prospect that has invited so many differing opinions. I say he’s an NFL QB, especially under the tutelage of the team that possesses the Lombardi Trophy.

Usually “finding a way” would involve that trade we talked about. Since there are no trades in the mock, Mr. Davis has to “find a way” to get Tebow in there. Enter Sean Payton.

For the record we are not thinking that a “mad scientist” experiment is right for the Saints when trying to defend a Lombardi with a Defense that has more holes than it did four months ago. We understand though…we had to “find a way” to get Tebow into the middle of the second round.

Source: NFL.com

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  1. jeremy says:

    At least there Tebow could sit for a a few years and develop. I think going to a place like the Saints, Colts, Pats, Cowboys, Chargers, and other teams that will have no need for a QB in the next few years would be the best fit for Tebow.

  2. Lee says:

    That is definitely the best thing for Tebow, being able to sit. I don’t feel it is the best thing for the Saints though who have a couple big needs to fill and could have some players in that spot that fit them. It would be better. The Pats or Browns are the most logical because they either have the picks to play with to move into the late first if they want to or in the second. Some teams that are going to be drafting depth and not looking for starters could go after him too.

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