NFL Draft Update Countdown|9 Days

Single digits to the 2010 NFL Draft! Nine days to go. Didn’t get this update out this morning because we were working on the Football Jabber’s updated NFL Mock Draft. Have a look. Here are some NFL Draft links for today…

On a day when it sounds like the Dolphins are ready to part with Ted Ginn, maybe the idea of Dez Bryant to the Dolphins isn’t such a stretch. They did reach for Ginn and if Bryant were available for them it would be a value, not a reach.

The Patriots are taking a look at Dexter McCluster. It’s looking more and more like the Pats will add a RB in this draft. We like Jahvid Best for them if he falls.

Not everyone is as down on Jimmy Clausen as the Big Show says he is.

The draft is solid at defensive back and the Texans should not have a problem landing one. What round do they do it though?

Imagine C.J. Spiller and Maurice Jones-Drew on the same team. Defend that.

Jerry Hughes to the Chiefs in the second round? We could see that.

Kind of a hit and run today. More tomorrow morning!  Don’t miss out on the NFL Draft Jabber. Subscribe free to our RSS, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or book mark and stop back by!

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