NFL Draft Update Countdown|3 Days|Mock Draft Edition

We are officially in the week that contains the 2010 NFL Draft! This is going to be a long week of waiting. Football Jabber is here to bring you the buzz, bundled up in a nice little blog post. Here is what we have for you today…

We put out our updated 2010 NFL Mock Draft this morning. Three rounds. Noticed a terrible mistake where Selvish Capers went to two teams close together in the third round last time. One of them was missed in the update and was supposed to be Donald Butler. Suppose I didn’t have to share that but I kick myself over things like that and want Jabberheads to know that the wrong has been righted. There will be more in-depth commentary for the teams to come this week.

Pat Kirwin at warns that you should expet the most interesting draft in years. Check out his fresh three round mock HERE.

If you have ESPN Insider you can check out Mel Kiper’s four round mock for each team. If you don’t have it and want it, here is a tip. Watch for low subscription prices to ESPN Magazine on Amazon. You get the Insider with the subscription.

USA Today has a panel of eight mocking the draft.

CBS Sports lines their panel of four up next to each other as well for easy comparison.

Fox Sports has three.

I believe that The Sporting News is the first mock I have seen with Rolando McClain going to the Chiefs.

Ryan Mathews goes to the New York Giants at Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner mock.

NFL Fanhouse is doing a mock draft video style.

You can check out hundreds more mock drafts by visiting the Mock Draft Databases on our links page!

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