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Football Jabber has updated it’s 2010 NFL Mock Draft for the last time this draft season. Over the course of the process it has grown from one to three rounds. It is amazing how the Butterfly Effect kicks in with just one or two changes in an update. With the recent trades we have had to update even more often.

So after all the hours of compiling and maintaining a draft board, taking into consideration which teams have players already on the roster to fill a need, and keeping up with free agency, we present the mock draft that will stay intact about an hour (if we are lucky) into the draft before falling to pieces as teams start swapping picks. Below you will find the top five with commentary. Links to other rounds follow…

#1 St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

The Rams have drafted one QB that took them to a winning season (Tony Banks 1996 was 6-10) since Vince Ferragamo, that guy who called the signals for the L.A. Rams in the Super Bowl. Crazy when you think about it. After passing the last couple of years on a QB in the first round, watching Matt Ryan and Marc Sanchez get off to great starts, the Rams are in a position where they don’t have much choice but to draft one with the first overall pick. Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller are now gone leaving Keith Null to start? Enter Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford.

What do we have to say about Bradford? There is that whole injury thing…right. People were concerned about his lanky frame. Since the end of the season he has checked out medically and has packed on some NFL pounds to his 6-4 frame. He is also considered crazy accurate. He is the one guy to take if you are going to take a QB and be settled with it.

What if it isn’t him? Well, they could go the route of taking one of the two guys that are considered the best in the draft, both at Defensive Tackle. Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy have an outside shot. If that were the case you could look for the Rams to come back in the second round with a Colt McCoy pick. Risky move though. Chances are they would have to spend a little more and move into the late first to grab McCoy.If they missed out on McCoy the Rams will likely be looking at who they are going to take with a Top three pick in 2011.

Another option is the trade. The latest sexy rumor is that the Browns move into the top pick to take Bradford. Not likely. As The Big Show put it, you would have to give the farm to get into that pick. The Rams then have to make it work to still get Jimmy Clausen or make that McCoy thing work

Ndamukong Suh is the only other player that has graced this position in our 2010 Mock Draft.

#2 Detroit Lions

N.Suh, DT, Nebraska

To find the last time the Lions took a Defensive Tackle in the first round you would have to go back to Bob Bell in 1971. With the Rams taking Sam Bradford the Lions are going to have their choice of the debated top two prospects in the NFL Draft this season. Being 25th in rushing yards given up makes you think about wanting to plug up the middle of that line. They have added to the Defensive Line this offseason, but we are talking two players that are at the top of the heap here. Ndamukong Suh edges out Gerald McCoy for the pick. If for whatever reason the Rams did not take Bradford and took one of these guys, the Lions would be happy not having to make the choice.

You could not blame the Lions if they decided to go the route of filling a major need and taking the Offensive Tackle out of Oklahoma St., Russell Okung. Keeping Matthew Stafford alive has to be toward the top of the to do list for the Lions. Running Back has to be dealt with as well in the coming rounds.

Gerald McCoy is the only other player we have had land in this spot this year.

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

The Bucs, kind of like the Lions, are playing the wait game. Sit and see which player falls to you and be happy about it. It has been fifteen years since the Bucs landed one of the most popular players in it’s history. Let the Warren Sapp comparisions begin as the Bucs will be looking at landing one of those top DTs. We have McCoy as the one falling and they have to smile and take it. Considered the better pass rusher of the two, McCoy can step right in, filling a need spot.

Is this too early to go with a Defensive End? Derrick Morgan is considered one of the top prospects in the draft, but grabbing one of those Defensive Tackles is gonig to be way too tasty. Being one of the teams with two picks in the second round we can look at the Bucs at filling a couple of the needs at DE, WR, and CB.

In early mocks we had Eric Berry landing here until McCoy became available. Since then McCoy has ridden it out without challenge.

#4 Washington Redskins

Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.

From the end of the 2009 season leading up to the NFL Draft the Redskins have have lost their franchise left tackle, changed their Head Coach, and act as if they were putting together a solid 2008 Fantasy Football team by bring in Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to join Clinton Portis in the backfield and a new starting QB in Donovan McNabb. Taking a Left Tackle will protect McNabb and has to help the run compared to what is in place.

Before the trade for McNabb the Skins were in the hunt for Sam Bradford and were linked to Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy as well. All this would have been at the same time as knowing that the new QB would be lucky to make it out of 2010 alive with Chris Samuels gone. In fact, believe it or not, they are still saying they could take a QB with their first round pick. This is more than likely an invitation for someone that wants Jimmy Clausen to come and get him.

There really isn’t so much of a question as to if the Redskins will take a LT as there is which one. Russell Okung is the guy at the top of the Offensive Tackle list, but Trent Williams is gaining steam. We still view it as Okung’s spot.

Others that have landed here in our previous 2010 Mock Drafts are Sam Bradford (#1-5) and Anthony Davis before the crazies, and Jimmy Clausen (the day before the McNabb trade).

#5 Kansas City Chiefs

Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

The Chiefs drafted defensive linemen the last two seasons. With the investment that they put into bringing Matt Cassel in last season and now Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator, the Chiefs could show the offensive side of the ball some love. It can make for a tough decision if Eric Berry is available. Berry is considered by some as the top prospect in the draft. Scott Pioli has thrown it out there asking why it isn’t okay to take a Safety with the fifth pick.

We have come to the conclusion that the Chiefs will build from the inside out and address the defensive needs with one of their three picks in the next two rounds. The question we now have to answer is which Offensive Tackle will it be? You have heard the word on the whole Scott Pioli and Kirk Ferentz connection, right? It has been all over since a light bulb went off when the Chiefs talked to Bryan Bulaga at the Scouting Combine. Bulaga is a guy you will not find dirt on and that is going to be something that these new Chiefs are looking for. Yeah we have heard about the short arms thing.

Round One 1-16 | Round One 17-32 | Round Two| Round Three

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