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2010 NFL Draft - Bradford
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Happy 2010 NFL Draft Day! In previous seasons we threw out a post following the first round of the draft giving thoughts on the picks. This season we are going to do one of those live blogging things. Pretty special, huh? Basically the difference is I will update this post as the picks come in, giving first impressions.

Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to…

This is the first year that my son has taken an interest in the draft. At six years-old he is like a little Gil Brandt who has been studying the prospects facts online since the end of the NFL season. He even invented the dual fist bump/high five in honor of the draft only being two days away the other day.

Do the Rams take a QB in hopes of drafting the second guy to take them to a winning season (Tony Banks 1996 was 6-10) since Vince Ferragamo in L.A.? I’m sure they would love to get out of the pick, but that would be very risky in ensuring they get a quality QB.

Not buying that Washington still takes a QB. The next ripple is at the Kansas City’s pick. If someone wants Jimmy Clausen this pick will likely be for sale.

All the Al Davis talk bores me after a whil, but I am curious so see what the Raiders do.

If Jimmy Clausen is available to the Bills, do they take him?

How far does Dez Bryant fall?

Who adds C.J. Spiller based on him and not their need?

When will the first trade happen? There are some teams with ammo to move around.

Throw down your comments at will. Stop back by tonight around draft time!

Mock Draft:

Round One 1-16 | Round One 17-32 | Round Two | Round Three

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  1. Lee says:

    I’ll stop by to see if anyone has any comments, but my son has talked me into paying more attention to the Draft than blogging. Have to go with the boss.

    Thoughts on the picks will be posted soon

  2. Bluewolf says:

    I was so hoping that Sean Weatherspoon or Jerry Hughes was going to fall to New Orleans but it didn’t happen. I guess we will be blitz’n according to ESPN because we got another CB. I can’t say I’m disappointed because Robinson has good cover skills, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  3. Lee says:

    Isn’t it ironic after the years of wishing for a CB in the first we have had two in a row and wish it went another direction?

    I love the idea of the depth for the Saints at corner because injuries do happen. It works as a Plan B if Sharper is not back and they have to move Jenkins over sooner than planned.

    Weatherspoon was #1 on my wishlist but I knew if he got past the Giants that Atlanta was going to grab him up.

  4. Bluewolf says:

    Well looks like we will be extra deep with DBs… Sharper signed with the Saints yesterday. We are going to be wide open with the Blitz.

  5. Lee says:

    I’ll take it!

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