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May is here, that means Fantasy Football Dynasty and Keeper leagues are firing up for their rookie drafts. A very exciting time for the Dynasty/Keeper owner as they likely watched the NFL Draft process anticipating who they would draft themselves. It has been a couple weeks since the 2010 NFL Draft, now it is time to take that fantasy football turn here at Football Jabber. Today we are looking at the Top Five Rookie Quarterbacks in this class.

Just as it wasn’t a great class of QBs in the NFL Draft, it is not a great season for fantasy football rookie QBs. If you are in a pinch in your rookie draft for a QB that you expect to get playing time from, you may want to look at trading your draft pick for one. If you have the time and the bench space you may find someone for down the road.

1) Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford is going to be high on the list of newbie Dynasty drafters who may just go by where the players were drafted. Taking the team he was drafted into consideration you go into knowing this likely isn’t going to be a player with an immediate fantasy impact. On the other hand, if you need a bye week, you can look at any week on the schedule and be pretty sure the Rams are going to be passing a lot to catch up. Are you going to be concerned about the shoulder?

Playing time? Given the contract and recent success of rookie QBs we were pretty sure that we were going to see Bradford sooner rather than later. Now that he has made his way through an impressive mini-camp you can be sure that he will be competing for the starting job with A.J. Feeley…making him a favorite to start week one.

2)Jimmy Clausen, Carolina Panthers

Jimmy Clausen was this season’s version of Aaron Rodgers/Brady Quinn…except he fell all the way out of the first round. At times he had been projected as high as #1 to the Rams (briefly) and the Redskins at #4 (before McNabb). You have heard all about the experience in a Pro Style offense. You have likely heard about his personality, or lack there of, as well. This is looked at as the reason for his fall over any injury or playing concerns. In fantasy football you don’t have to deal with that. You may actually see Clausen go well before Bradford given his situation.

Playing time? He walks into a better supporting cast than Bradford with Steve Smith, Jonathan Stewart, and DeAngelo Williams. Standing in his way will be Matt Moore, the projected starter, but there is a training camp battle waiting to happen. The Panthers just ran their franchise QB, who took them to a Super Bowl, out of town. They will not waste time going to Jimmy “The Most NFL Ready” Clausen if they think he is the next face of the franchise.

3) Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns

Colt McCoy is third string on a team that is rebuilding in Cleveland. This is a developmental pick if you have bench/taxi squad space it can pay off in the future. It appears right now that Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace are entrenched ahead of him on the depth chart.

Playing time? Everyone thought that McCoy was a good fit for the Browns before the draft, and he is. Given that the Browns took a pass on him in the second round you have to think that they know he is project that is going to take time. Doesn’t look good for paying time right now. The Browns are throwing out the disclaimer this week that he could play as a rookie. That would likely be after the two guys ahead of him bombed.

4) Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

Remember when we talked about those Dynasty/Keeper owners who go by the draft position rankings? You may see someone jump too early on Tebow, just as many think the Broncos did. If he pans out to be the super hero he was in college that owner will look as good as the Broncos. Denver seems determined to make him an NFL QB, they don’t have much choice where they took him. Tebow has little fantasy value…the list of QBs this year is just that short.

Playing time? Timmy isn’t going to get on the field enough now for you to take him based on that. Definitely a Taxi Squad guy. He is doing some ball running drills in camp so you might see some short yardage, goal line stuff. If you have the room to place him with your starters for that you are in trouble.

5) John Skelton, Arizona Cardinals

Skelton is a developmental guy that the Cardinals grabbed in the fifth round when they traded up to get him. A big dude at 6′ 5″ and 243 lbs, it is easy to look at him and imagine the steal you got in a year or two. Skelton should be available late. If you are looking at RBs and WRs that may struggle to make the team they were drafted by, consider taking Skelton and placing him on your developmental taxi squad if your league uses them.

Playing time? There is a chance that Skelton may end camp in the #2 position on the depth chart when Matt Leinart wins the starting job. That would put him a twisted ankle form the field. We would highly suggest taking him as a sleeper, but for down the road like we mentioned above.

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