A Call for Mike Martz Turf in Chicago

Everywhere that Mike Martz goes you are not going to be able to shake that whole “Greatest show on turf” thing from when the Rams were flying around the field in St. Louis a decade ago. Now the circus tent is being set up in Chicago and Neil Hayes at the Chicago Sun Times is calling for a turf change to go with the offensive coordinator change.

“As much as it might repulse traditionalists, who rightly prefer the grass-stained version of the game, it may be time for the Bears to replace the often treacherous turf at Soldier Field with a clean, quick, artificial surface. Defensively and now offensively, Lovie Smith’s team requires a fast track, and what it plays on now resembles a plowed field after late-season games.”

While the article is more about dumping the natural grass than Martz himself, couldn’t help but notice that his offense was the lead in to the story. Something else that the Bears and the other teams Martz coached for since the Rams are missing are Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and Issac Bruce/ young Torry Holt.

Source: The Chicago Sun Times

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