ESPN Releases Preseason Power Rankings

With the draft and mini-camps out of the way, ESPN has released their preseason Power Rankings. The Saints lead the list after finishing last season ranked number five. Only fair to let the Super Bowl Champions have some time on top, right? More thoughts…

  • The Vikings sit at the third spot. As mentioned, it all lands on Favre’s return. Wonder where they would have them ranked if he doesn’t.
  • Notable for the Packers at number six is the resigning of their offensive tackles and drafting Bryan Bulaga. You know the biggest memory for them is Aaron Rodgers getting swarmed and fumbling in the playoffs.
  • The Steelers barely make the Top 20. What has been going on there this offseason?
  • The Bills switch to a 3-4 defense instead of improving the current offense have them in the bottom five.


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