Tim Tebow Watch Page on ESPN…Really?

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Getting back into the swing of football things today, doing a little spring cleaning on favorites and RSS feeds. I was at ESPN when I noticed the “Tim Tebow Tracker” on the right sidebar. Really? I didn’t follow as I was, you know, busy wasting time on the internet. Somewhere along my travels in the day I came across it again. It’s true. ESPN has dedicated a corner of ESPN as a Tim Tebow website for you to keep tabs on him.

Here are some of the categories and headlines from Tebow Watch


“Much of Tim Tebow’s rookie season will consist of activities such as carrying his teammates’ helmets and buying them food.” -Bill Williamson

* AFC West: Tebow not a threat to Orton
* AFC West: Tebow passing up endorsements


# What do you think of Tim Tebow?
# When will he become the Broncos’ starting QB?
# Where will he be in 5 years?
# Vote

There is actually a category called “Inside the Brain of Tim Tebow.”

If it were the first week of April I would think that this is a joke. Has ESPN applied the lips to a rear this bad before? Does Peyton Manning have a page I have not come across?

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