New York Super Bowl Opens Door for Chicago?

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Now that the NFL has granted New York a Super Bowl, watch the flood gates open for other cold weather cities waiving their hands in the air. We are already hearing about how Washington and Baltimore would be interested. Commish Goodell is trying to put a kabosh on that talk ASAP…

“I think each game is going to be made on an individual basis,” Goodell said. “I do believe that New York is a unique market, and I think the membership recognizes that. It’s the No. 1 market in our country, and in many cases around the world. I think, from that standpoint, it will be a great experience for our fans. It will be a great experience for the NFL. And I’m confident that the bid they put together will be a great event.”

One of the points made in defense of placing a Super Bowl in New York’s weather is that teams play in bad weather sometime during the season, it is football. True. Games are played in Green Bay too. Wow, how about Ice Bowl II? You thought they had trouble finding hotel rooms in Jacksonville?

New stadium aside, Chicago would fit just about every reason that would be given that New York is a logical Super Bowl choice. Every reason that is trying to avoid the obvious bias the NFL has for New York. Being in the Midwest, I would love to see the Super Bowl somewhere more obtainable to me. No, I can’t afford the ticket, but I would certainly join in on some of the festivities over the course of the week. I’m sure there are many fans that would around the middle of the country.

Maybe as a Saints fan who watched New York get an extra home game a few years back, I’m a little tired of the rules being bent for New York. Yes, I’m the guy sitting around the camp fire that strings up the guy who didn’t bring Pace Picante Sauce.

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