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College Football west of the Mississippi has changed in the last two days. Conference realignment is in full swing, starting with Colorado bolting the Big 12 for the Pac-10 on June 10th. For a short time Colorado may get the blame for the disbandment of the Big 12, but like in a Scooby Doo cartoon, Nebraska has ripped the mask off the monster to reveal Bevo of Texas as the one behind the ghostly amusement park ride.

Nebraska is leaving the Big 12 for the Big Ten as early as July 1st, 2011. As it is unfolding, fingers are pointing at Texas.

From College Football Talk:

“One school leaving a conference doesn’t break up a conference. Two schools leaving a conference doesn’t break up a conference. Six schools leaving a conference breaks up a conference.” -Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne

What Mr.Osborne is referring to is that talk of Texas taking it’s buddies to the Pac-10.

From CBS Sports:

The moment the news broke last week about the Pac-10′s desire to take Texas and five Big 12 partners, Nebraska turned sour. Perlman, at one point, stared across a table during the Big 12 meetings at his Texas counterpart Bill Powers and asked him if he was willing to give up his media rights. In other words, start a Big 12 Network. Powers said no. At that point, Perlman knew it was over.

Well, as this is being typed, the press conference on The Big Ten Network welcoming Nebraska to the bunch is playing on the TV in the living room. Texas is saying they will announce their intentions on Tuesday.

Now let’s move on to the expected move of Texas and it’s boys (Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas Tech) to the Pac-10. According to the Kansas City Star it is happening:

“The decision has been made,” the official told the Austin American-Statesman. “We’re bringing everybody to the Pac-10 but A&M.”

With the Pac-10 eventually likely to hit 16 teams, others will be sure to follow. The Big Ten (now 12?) could continue to add teams, including the long sought Notre Dame, Teams in the Big East,  and the smitten Missouri, among others. Texas A&M is rumored to be in talks with the SEC. If the SEC goes up to 16 you can bet they will target some of the ACC.So on…and so on..and so on. The face of college football is changing.

How about up there in the Mountain West? Boise State is joining the game there.

There is going to be a lot more going down over the next week. We will watch the Big 12 in the fall of 2010 knowing it will be no more soon. It’s like when you break up and there is that awkward time where you live under the same roof until you get another place.

A nameless winner in all of this? It is sure to overcast a bit what has happened to USC losing it’s 2004 championship season.

Edit: Nebraska Fans that are looking for a new online home will be welcomed at Big Ten Fever. I stopped in over there and they already have a forum up.

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