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Swinging by today we see that they have a fancy new interactive schedule for the 2010 season. It doesn’t look too different from the ordinary mainstream media NFL schedule when you arrive at the landing page. As soon as you pick either a weekly or team schedule, things get flashy!

Weekly Schedule: First thing you are likely to notice is the map that you guess is a the flight routes for the games, but you have to know your geography to know which go where once you hit that east coast. Hovering over them you can see which direction they are going. Would have been nice if they added some logos.

With a quick rundown on the games of the week, including where it can be caught on TV, there is a five star ranking system. This should be a simple, but handy little tool for determining people’s interest in games. For the record, I think there are three five star games in week one.

Team Schedule: Now we get some team colors in the home and away flight patterns. Fans can rate the games in here, as well as gauge the strength of schedule. At the bottom of the page there is a handy little explanation as to how the schedules are determined each year.

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