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Fantasy Football preparation is of utmost importance these days. For example, if you are getting this article fresh you are reading it in June. Just a few short years ago fantasy football freaks would be shunned by non-fantasy football freaks for the mere mention of the subject before training camps. Now there are thousands of websites churning out the content and multiples of that gobbling it up during the mythical “offseason” in the NFL. One of the most effective weapons that is often overlooked is average draft position.

For those of you familiar, go about your business for a second and then come back with us on the next paragraph. Average Draft Position (ADP) is the average position a player is drafted (hence the name) in a group of fantasy football drafts or mock draft. With the knowledge of where players are going it is a bit easier to gauge when you should pull a trigger on a player, or knowing when you can hold off on a player.

With ADP showing up in more and more fantasy football articles we thought it may help readers to know w little bit more about sources where they can analyze some ADP data for themselves. Below are six sources where you can view Average Draft Positions from either live drafts or fantasy football mock drafts.Most of the following sources are also places you can participate in Mock Drafts as we outlined HERE.

Fantasy Football Calculator: Our favorite fantasy football mock draft home, Fantasy Football Calculator provides the Average Draft position that we use in our Redraft Rankings. New mock drafts start every few minutes and are filled mostly with human drafters. In fact, computer selections are filtered out before calculations are made.

ADP can be found from  8, 10, 12, and 14 team drafts, sortable by position. You may also view ADP going back to the year 2007. There are also customizable graphs to compare trends between players. MFL has been our favorite league server for years. The control and customization just cannot be beat. When it comes to Average Draft Position, MFL has data going back to 1998!

A problem that you may run into with the ADP results from this service is the customization that is available from MFL. There are many league draft types (Redraft, Dynasty,Keeper, Rookie, Mock, IDP) and customized scoring systems that fall into the data. You have several sorting options available to you though so be sure to look for the settings you are interested in via the drop down menus.

ESPN: A bit hard to find, ESPN’s ADP tracks the average pick during ESPN hosted live online drafts. There is not information given on scoring system. What this does offer is an average Auction Draft Value! Now those in Auction leagues know just how valuable that information is!

Mock Draft Central: As Football Jabber is about “FREE” fantasy football info, don’t be alarmed when you are told you have to register and then are told to choose a package. There is a free account, although limited on services, that allows you to participate in Mock Drafts (one per day, three per week) and you can view ADP data. You have to upgrade to premium though if you want to view more than the top 30 picks from the expert draft ADP. Many more bells and whistles here if you enjoy the mock drafts.

Football Guys: I hesitate to list this as I don’t know if it will fall under the free or subscription accounts. Currently I’m viewing it while not logged in. I apologize if you must, the site is well worth the subscription though. Here you have a table of sortable ADP results from various sources, including a consensus.

Fantasy Football Xtreme: FFX uses ADP from their Mock Draft service as well. Rankings are listed in an overall ADP table.

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