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We are midweek in the middle of fantasy football nowhere that is early July. I’m sitting here scoping out some fantasy content and figured I may as well be sharing, right? There is so much free fantasy football content out there, I have sifted through to bring you some of the best of it here…

Some in house news, we have updated our Dynasty Rankings for 2010. You can also get Redraft Rankings with Average Draft Position (ADP).

RazzBall has some tips for the New Dynasty League Owner. This is a good read. As a guy who spent years commishing Dynasty leagues, I can tell you that Dynasty leagues are something you should not jump into without thinking and taking some things into consideration. If you don’ know what you are doing owners will eat you alive. Don’t want to scare anyone away, the most fun I have had in fantasy football were in Dynasty leagues when everyone was aware of what was going on.

The Fantasy Football Geek Blog has a look at collecting league fees. I did a write up on League Safe a couple years ago. I ran into problems when I needed to pay the league service (MyFantasyLeague.com) out of the dues. I think that MFL.com works with them on that now so it should make it even easier to collect, hold, and pay out league cash. I see the name mentioned more so it appears to be gaining reputation.

Value Based Drafting is where I lean these days over the traditional draft strategies. Christopher Harris at ESPN has a look at VBD with some visuals in chats and all.

Mac Bros. are offering a Draft Kit at the low price of entering your email.

Mike Harmon at Fox Sports offers up a photo slideshow of the Top 10 Running Back Sleepers.

George Winkler at The Sporting News goes over some Bye Week Strategy. These are the weeks that can make you cringe during the season if you have not given them attention.

Wide Receiver’s are being drafted earlier and earlier in these days of passing attacks in the NFL and Points Per reception being adopted in leagues. Owners that concentrate on Running Backs and ignore a stud receiver can find themselves duped before the third round is over in a draft. Pro Football Weekly looks at how Wide receivers are the new Running Backs.

Dave Richard at CBS Sports is chugging away on team previews.

Yahoo Sports gives some Auction League advice via the video format.

Bruno Boys are out to convince you of the Awesomeness of the Auction Draft.

More on the Fantasy Football Auction Draft…FFToolbox.com has updated their Auction Values.

Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has their grouping of the 2010 Breakout Running Backs.

That is going to do it for today. We will keep feeding you free fantasy football info as the season and your draft get closer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to have our posts and updates come looking for you. You can also subscribe via RSS or email down in the box below.

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