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NFL Training Camp is within weeks and Fantasy Football Drafts are firing up. Football Jabber’s Redraft Running Back Rankings and Average Draft Position have been updated if you are ready to go with your draft. The Top 50 Running Backs gets a 12 team league four runners deep. The ADP gives a look at where owners are taking these guys in Mock Drafts, showing some that may be steals and some that may be overvalued.

We have Ryan Grant into the Top 10 this time around. Grant’s ADP is showing a 3.01 draft pick.  If you can get him in the third round consider it a steal. We would be comfortable taking Grant in the mid to late second round while everyone else is snagging the second tier WR and QBs.

With Leon Washington healing well you may see Justin Forsett’s stock drop even more than it has been. His ADP has dropped almost a full round from early 5th to early 6th. Definitely something to watch in camp as we feel that Forsett is going to be the guy who gets the start in Seattle.

Access the entire rankings list HERE.

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