Walter Payton’s Performance Just Plain Sick!

Payton breaks Jim Brown's career rushing record
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Sick is good these days, right? Thought I heard some kids saying that. Like in the 70s-80s something “bad” was good? ESPN Chicago just reminded me how sick (good sick)Walter Payton was and how bad (good bad) of a performance he put on while sick (bad sick) back in 1977. The game was found to be tops when looking for the greatest rushing performance in NFL history.

Even while battling the flu (bad sick) Payton was sick (good sick). In 1977 he ran off 275 yards against the Vikings, a performance that turned the season around for the Bears, leading to their first playoff appearance in 13 seasons. It likely also played a role in Walter taking home the NFL MVP Award for the year.

ESPN Chicago has the Top Five of the determined top rushing performances in history HERE, as well as how they scored them.

Now for some visual Sweetness…

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