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The Dallas Cowboys have a unique camp experience this season as they will be in multiple locations. They will start in San Antonio until they move on to play the Hall of Fame game. They will then return to Dallas briefly before heading out to finish camp in California. Whew! Let’s not wait as long to get settled on the fantasy front…

Quarterback: Tony Romo has been getting plenty of golf in this offseason, but he isn’t letting his quest for the PGA get in his way. Romo gave up a chance to qualify for the PGA Tour Byron Nelson Championship because his tee time would have interfered with voluntary workouts. Fantasy owners have taken note and his ADP is landing him as the 5th QB. Football Jabber actually has him ranked at #4.

Some thing to take into consideration with Romo is the fact that he now has his blindside being protected by Doug Free. After parting with Flozell Adams, the Cowboys did not go the Left Tackle route in the 2010 NFL Draft as many thought they would in the first round. Instead they are banking on the potential of Free on the left side. His development is something to watch for in camp.

Running Back: The Cowboys have one of those great problems of an overflow of talent at the Running Back position. It appears that there is a larger role planned for Felix Jones if he can stay healthy. While the short yardage work will likely remain with Marion Barber III, MBIII could see himself out of town after the 2010 season if he cannot stay healthy.

The Cowboys backfield delivers another one of the fantasy owner’s dreaded RBBC. Having to choose between the two, the earlier pick should be used on Jones. Everything is set up for him to be the home run hitter. If he can make the plays everyone has seen him make, there may not be as much of a concern of him losing the goal line carries to Barber. Of course, an injury to either player during camp will improve the stock of the other. It will also see the rise of third stringer Tashard Choice, who is a solid deep pick if one of the other two are out of the way.

Wide Receiver: Considered a trouble spot for the Boyz, Jerry Jones went and took the talent of Oklahoma St. Wide Receiver, Dez Bryant, in the 2010 NFL Draft first round. Roy Williams is still a starter here, but the hype is going to the 2009 breakout star in Miles Austin.

Austin is ranked high anywhere you look at Wide Receiver rankings. Reports say Austin has just been tearing it up in practice. Sweet news to the ears of the Cowboy fan. After the departure of T.O. and the misfire of Roy Williams, it’s about time for some good news at the position. If you don’t select him by the mid second round at the latest, your opponent will. Austin is said to be the slot receiver in three wideout sets, where they feel he will be ultra dangerous.

Speaking of tearing up practice, Dez Bryant has been thrown some heavy praise with his moves on the field. He may not be signed yet, but it is believed that he won’t have trouble learning the playbook. Bryant will get some field time from the get go and is said to be on the field on the outside during three WR sets when Austin moves inside.

For now Roy Williams may have held off Bryant…since Bryant isn’t signed…but he better produce to keep a hold of the second WR job, and fast!

Patrick Crayton has been doing some math and knows that things don’t add up for his playing time. He asked for the chance to leave, but it wasn’t granted. Currently Crayton appears to be in a battle with Sam Hurd for the #4 spot.

Tight End: The Cowboys have been blessed with one of the toughest studs at the Tight End position. Fantasy owners were not pleased in the drop off in his TD production in 2009. Sounds as if Coach Phillips has admitted that the Cowboys made a mistake by not using Witten as much in the redzone as they had in the past. Witten’s two TD output in 2009 could make owners shy away, making Witten available for you a little later. If they truly want to include his hands in the redzone offense rather than blocking, could have a steal on your hands. His current ADP has him going in the 6th round as the 5th TE off the board.

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