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I was approached by a co-worker the other day asking for the URL for Football Jabber again, he wants to start getting ready for his upcoming draft. Mr. Co-Worker is entering his second season as a fantasy football owner and does not follow it year round like many of our regular readers. While fielding some fantasy football questions I realized we had been doing a disservice to some of the “new” fantasy footballers that have come along in the last few years. Over the past few years we have pointed out hundreds of free fantasy football tidbits on the web. Sometimes it is easy to forget about telling people the basics after covering them and moving on. It can be downright mind boggling for a new or seasonal fantasy football owner to sift through all the sites out there. I jotted down a few sites that he needed to check out and figured I would do the same here.

So today, in Mr. Co-Worker’s honor I have decided to throw down a recommendation post aimed at the Fantasy Football owner that does not have or use the time to do hours of extensive research. To some these resources will seem like common knowledge, but there is no reason we shouldn’t do a refresher, especially when “the new guys” may not know about them.

Bookmark this page or the links provided and refer back to them often on your way to a dominant fantasy football season. These are the ten free fantasy football resources (plus some in house) we recommend that will feed you all the rankings, cheat sheets, sleepers, tools and applications you need…

RotoWorld Player News: The importance of knowing what is up with a player RIGHT NOW cannot be stressed enough. RotoWorld’s player news is up to date and has their take on the fantasy relevance of the news item. If possible you could even have this up for a draft to check on a player’s current situation before pulling the trigger on drafting him.

Football Guys Free: FootballGuys.com conceals a majority of their apps and tools behind a subscribers wall. While Football Jabber focuses on free fantasy football resources, Football Guys is a site we have paid for and would recommend to anyone that is willing to spend a few bucks to take their game to another level.

There is however one magic button that is free to use for all…named, FREE. Included in the free section is the Football Guys News (Like RotoWorld’s Player News), Daily Email News letter sign up, Depth Charts including Individual Defensive Players (ADP), and more.

Two favorites are Podcasts and the FBG Moble (iPhone/iPod Touch) APP. I love these because I have access away from the computer. While laying on the couch watching TV, I will often surf news on my Touch. While some of it is like the site, subscriber content, there is plently of FREE info on this FREE APP! Of course the podcasts make a workout fly by as well.

FBG Rate Your Team: This handy little tool will get you feedback on your draft (or Mock Draft) via email and a link provided after filling out the form. Gives you an idea of what you did right ( in the eyes of FBG staffers) and what you could have done differently. Works fantastic in conjunction with…

Fantasy Football Calculator: Remember the days when people would sign up for free fantasy football leagues as soon as they became available just because they had the itch to draft? I admit, I was one of those. I would play my team out though, many wouldn’t. Sites like Fantasy Football Calculator give owners a chance to test different drafting strategies and get a fantasy fix with mock drafts.

As a result of the mock draft results FFC has an abundance of Average Draft Position (ADP) data. This is a remarkable tool when trying to figure out where players may be drafted. You are a step ahead of those that don’t use it when knowing when you should grab a player or who you can wait on.

While there are several Mock Draft and ADP resources these days (Check out THIS and THIS for more in depth why and where for Mocks and ADP we have previously covered) we choose to suggest FFC because the users are more likely to be in it to get results like you are. We have found many of the “mainstream” sites draw many people who are not taking it seriously.

You can now enter your email directly at FFC before a Mock Draft to get the above mentioned “Rate My Team” from FBGs.

TodayinFantasy.com: Offspring of Football Guys, this site brings you fantasy football goodness from around the web into one place. While the idea itself is not unique as many bloggers do the same thing, it is unique in the amount of content it posts and the consistency in which it is updated. Many sites that have tried a “Digg” type concept have failed as they were based on user submissions. Today in Fantasy has staff submitting and tagging the articles and you can be ensured that you don’t have to sift through spam to get to the good stuff.

FFToolbox.com: Fantasy Football Toolbox is a ton of free information packed into one place. It can be overwhelming to look at for someone who does not get out on the web much.

Blogs: This is a touchy area as anyone can start a blog and be putting info out there. It’s cool as far as everyone having a platform, not cool if someone is giving consistently poor advice and a new owner does not recognize it. While we would absolutely recommend exploring the blogosphere, here are a couple of our favorite friends that have been doing it for years and post content on a consistent basis…

  • The Fantasy Football Librarian: For long time readers, Sara is someone they likely feel like they know personally. They have watched her move  from Colorado to New York City and now making a home for the expected arrival of her baby, all while working a day job as a Librarian. A Librarian that is a fantasy football and statistics lover. Sara Skims the net and brings you thought provoking articles.
  • The Hazean: Michael brings the good stuff just about daily. Monday’s are reserved for Monday Morning Rehab, taking a look at the big fantasy football injuries.

Now  a little in house pub. You can subscribe to Football Jabber with an RSS Reader or Via email (in the box below the post). You can also follow Football Jabber on Facebook and Twitter. Check out our Redraft and Dynasty Rankings.

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  1. Oh man, thank you for the list of resources for fantasy football advice. As the season and the fantasy draft draws closer, these will come in handy.

  2. Hate we didn’t make the list.. sniff sniff =(

    I got to admit Sara @ The Fantasy Football Librarian drops some mighty useful links. Great list man.. thanks =)

  3. Lee says:

    Sorry about that, it was intentionally a very short list. If I included everything I wouldn’t have anything to post about any more ;) Anyone who has a WordPress blog themselves, check out Fantasy Knuckleheads and get yourself in with the network widget (like that one over there on the right).

  4. Lee, you are too kind! Thanks for the love.

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