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Preseason football is here and Football Jabber has updated it’s redraft rankings and Average Draft Position for the top 50 Wide Receivers. Included with the rankings and ADP are the highest and lowest that the players were taken in more than 1000 Mock Drafts on August 5th at FantasyFootballCalculator.com

Changes include Roddy White moving into the Top Five and the return of Terrell Owens to the Top 20 now that he has found a team for the 2010 season.

Top Five Wide Receivers

Rank Player Bye ADP HIGH LOW
1 Andre Johnson, HOU 7 1.06 1.02 1.12
2 Larry Fitzgerald, ARI 6 2.02 1.07 2.11
3 Randy Moss, NE 5 1.10 1.04 2.09
4 Miles Austin, DAL 4 2.03 1.07 2.12
5 Roddy White, ATL 8 2.08 1.11 3.04

View the entire lists of rankings at the following links…



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