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Preseason football is here and Football Jabber has updated it’s redraft rankings and Average Draft Position for the Quarterbacks. Included with the rankings and ADP are the highest and lowest that the players were taken in more than 1000 Mock Drafts on August 5th at FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

The big mover? Brett Favre is falling fast with the annual indecision. Word came out this week that he informed teammates he wasn’t coming back. True or not, it just isn’t worth it. Brett has fallen to mediocre backup status if you are drafting right now, and that is where we rank him.  He was almost pulled from the list all together but someone can get value with Brett as a backup as long as they are drafting in a position where it won’t hurt to drop him and pick another backup up if he retires.

Rank Player Bye ADP* HIGH LOW
1 Aaron Rodgers, GB 10 1.11 1.01 2.09
2 Drew Brees, NO 10 2.03 1.03 3.06
3 Peyton Manning, IND 7 2.08 1.09 3.07
4 Tony Romo, DAL 4 3.08 2.05 5.08
5 Matt Schaub, HOU 7 4.04 2.10 6.01

To view the entire Rankings lists see the links below…



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