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Green Bay Packers Running Back, Ryan Grant is coming off his second straight 1200 yard season. While there was speculation and a bit of a call from fans to draft another back, the Packers did not use an early pick on a player to split carries with Grant. In fact, it appears that Grant will again be one of the rare feature backs in the league.

All signs are pointing to Grant getting the ball regularly on the ground when the team is running their balanced attack. While the Packers did use a 6th round draft pick on James Starks, he doesn’t appear to be too much of a threat on Grant’s carries. With the talent surrounding Grant, defenses will not be able to put too much of a focus on the run game. Aaron Rodgers will tear them up with his supporting cast of receivers.

Something to consider is the rising talent surrounding Grant. The Packers are showing they are becoming rather lethal in the passing game. One of our last memories from 2009 is the secondary getting torched by the Cardinals in the playoffs, forcing the Packers to pass. Taking those things into consideration and then factoring in that Grant has not been, and will not be much of a factor in the passing game, you have your downside. The possibility of sixteen games at 20-30 carries per game make that dissolve rather quickly though.

In fantasy circles Ryan Grant is pretty quiet. His Average Draft Position at this time lands at pick 3.01 with picks landing anywhere from the last pick in the first round to the last pick in the third round. Grant is another one of those feature backs that you would be comfortable getting as a second or third pick. Imagine getting a stud WR and QB in your first two picks and then landing Grant in the third as your #1RB. Not too shabby. Of course he is even more attractive as a second back after grabbing a stud RB.

Currently Ryan Grant is ranked at #10 in our Running Back Redraft Rankings.

Year Gm Ru-Att Ru-yds Ave R-TD Rec Re-yds Ave Re-TD Fan pts
2009 16 282 1253 4.4 11 25 197 7.9 0 211
2008 16 312 1203 3.9 4 28 116 6.4 1 161.9
2007 15 188 956 5.1 8 30 145 4.8 0 158.1
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