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Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back, Rashard Mendenhall, is a swing back in a fantasy football draft. It is around the time that he becomes the top RB left on the board that owners begin to consider taking a WR or QB. Stick to your hope of landing a feature back or go with more points by taking one of the top players at another position?

Things are lining up to give Mendenhall the opportunity to turn the fantasy football feature Running Back corner. The Steelers are expected to attempt to return to their smash mouth running ways. They are going to be without their starting QB for at least the first month of the season. Maybe most importantly, there is not much of a threat of him losing his first string job. There was a bit of a scare that the sixth round pick the Steelers used on Jonathan Dwyer may take short yardage carries away, but Mendenhall has not necessarily lost those touches yet.

Now the question marks. The Offensive Line in Pittsburgh has not been helpful for the last few years. This has got to change, not only for winning, but keeping players healthy. Speaking of healthy, can Mendenhall handle the pounding of the Steelers going back to their run heavy ways? We will see. If he wears down we may see more Dwyer and Mewelde Moore. Of course, with Big Ben suspended, opposing teams are going to notice that and will likely look to stuff the run and make the winner of the backup job beat them.

Mendenhall’s Average Draft Position is falling at pick 2.02 at this time. He is picked as early as the mid first round to mid third round. We wouldn’t bank on him lasting to the third often at all. Personally, if I’m picking in the later half of the first round and I have to choose between Mendenhall and Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, you are likely going to see me sway from the first round Running Back hopes and go WR in the first round. There are a few other backs that should score similar to Mendenhall that I may be able to grab in the second. Now, if I can get Mendenhall in the early second to pair with a top back or receiver I snagged in the first, I’m a happy guy.

At this time Rashard Mendenhall is ranked #8 in our Redraft Running Back Rankings.

Year Gm Ru-Att Ru-yds Ave R-TD Rec Re-yds Ave Re-TD Fan pts
2009 16 242 1108 4.6 7 25 261 10.4 1 145.5
2008 4 19 58 3.1 0 2 17 8.5 0 7.5
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  1. Jon says:

    I wound up with 15th pick in a 16 team league. All the good RBs were gone and I figured if I didnt pick up a semi descent running back I would wind up with none. I took mendenhall who was pretty much the only option for me at running back by pick 15. I hope he doesent dissapoint.

  2. Lee says:

    You were actually pretty lucky to grab him that late in a 16 team league. He went #12 in a 16 team IDP league that I’m in. RBs are so scarce by then.

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