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San Diego Chargers Running Back, Ryan Mathews, is the coveted rookie fantasy football player of the year. Every season, especially in the Dynasty leagues, there is at least one fresh Running Back that owners can’t help but speculate how awesome his rookie year may be. Things add up for Ryan Mathews in this category. He is landing on a team that is replacing it’s legend at the position, there is Norv Turner’s run first attack, and the guy led college football (FBS) in rushing last season while at Fresno State. He has the size and speed to be one of those rare feature backs that we see in the league these days.

There is no period of winning the position. The Chargers moved up in the NFL Draft  to get Mathews and they have to replace a future Hall of Fame Running Back in LaDainian Tomlinson. Ryan Mathews is the guy.

There is no reason to think that Mathews won’t get close to 300 touches. While Darren Sproles is still around to swipe some of those, Mathews is working hard on catching the ball. Fresno St. did not use Mathews as a receiving option much, but this is more of a reflection of their game than his ability. They just don’t throw to the backs often. Mathews is catching 50- balls a day after practice. Norv Turner has projected 250 Rush and 40 catches in an interview.

Some things to consider. The Chargers are dealing with a change at WR with the whole Vincent Jackson thing. That can be good and bad as far as needing to run and the defense focusing on the run. There is also the hold out of OT Marcus McNeil.

Bottom line, the work is there for Mathews to take. He is going to be used. He is going to be a feature back who will give up some touches to a third down back, but not enough to stay away. At this time his Average Draft position lands at 2.09 with him going anywhere from the mid first round to late third round. You could see his stock rise after a solid preseason debut of nine rushes for 50 yards and a couple receptions.

Personally I would look at Mathews in the second round at the earliest. He would make a nice RB#2 or swing a chance on is you got a stud WR in the first round.

At the time of this capsule, Ryan Mathews ranks #9 on our Running Back Redraft Rankings.

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