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Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back, Maurice Jones-Drew, made a statement going into the 2006 draft. All the hype was around Reggie Bush over at USC, but Jones-Drew wanted people to know that UCLA had the better Running Back and proclaimed that he was the best running  back in the draft. Few paid much attention to that comment at the time and went about their Reggie worship. Going in the second round (60th overall), Jones-Drew has been out to prove that in the last four seasons.

Jones-Drew was someone that fantasy owners caught on to real quick even though he was trapped in a Running Back by Committee with Fred Taylor for his first few seasons. In 2009, with Taylor gone, Jones-Drew was able to break out like many thought he would once he was given the carries. 312 carries and 53 receptions later, there were some damn happy fantasy owners.

Going into the 2010 Fantasy Football Draft season there are four Running Backs that many see as interchangeable. Jones-Drew falls in with Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice. Being in the #3 draft position is a sweet spot this year as you can take who falls to you and know you are getting a stud. In leagues that reward Points Per Reception (PPR) you have to consider taking MJD first overall with his average of 50 or more catches a season.

It’s hard to find negatives for Jones-Drew. He is the obvious weapon of choice, so defenses can focus on him.It’s not like they didn’t already know that in 2009 though and he still put up monster numbers.

Maurice Jones-Drew currently has an Average Draft Position of the third pick in the first round. He goes anywhere from the first pick overall to the seventh pick in the first round. I tell you, whoever is letting him fall to the 7th pick, I want in that league!

Jones-Drew currently ranks #3 in our Running Back Redraft Rankings. This is subject to change as he could go up to #2 or #1 at any time.

Year Gm Ru-Att Ru-yds Ave R-TD Rec Re-yds Ave Re-TD Fan pts
2009 16 312 1391 4.5 15 53 374 7.1 1 272.5
2008 16 197 824 4.2 12 62 565 9.1 2 222.9
2007 15 167 768 4.6 9 40 407 10.2 0 171.5
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