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We are down to the final three weekends before the start of the NFL Season. Do you still have a fantasy football draft coming up? We have updated out Quarterback Redraft Rankings and have included Average Draft Position (ADP) data. Included are the highest and lowest picks a player was chosen at in recent mock drafts. With the preseason games underway there is some movement in the rankings.

Donovan McNabb (#12 to #10) There is not much movement here, but enough to go from taking McNabb as the last starting QB in a twelve team league to having to be a little more aware if you want him. His ADP (First pick in the 10th round) suggests you can hold out quite a while, filling your other positions first. Where McNabb is going on average you could easily have three RBs and three WRs, and a starting TE before going QB.

You would want to take another QB in the next few rounds to pair with McNabb in case of injury or the Skins offense just tanks. Getting McNabb in with a Matthew Stafford, or Ben Roethlisberger after his suspension.

Bottom line is we love the value that could come with McNabb as there are a few players we have ranked behind him that will be drafted before him.

Brett Favre (#19 to #15) Yes, Brett Favre is back for a 20th season. While Favre made a jump in our rankings, we still don’t have him as a guy that you take as your #1 QB in a 12 team league. Some fantasy football owners are going to jump at the chance to get Favre in the middle rounds, hoping for him to relive his best season in his career that he put together last year. We are not buying.

While some people think first of the numbers that Favre put up in 2009, we think about the last time we seen him. Favre was wobbling off the field. He has been a warrior and one of my favorite players of my generation as a football fan, but careers and streaks come to an end eventually. Not saying he will be injured, but it would not surprise me a bit and there are players I view that will get me a full season ahead of him.

Aside from Favre’s health, his WRs are not 100% either. We don’t know what is going to happen with Percy Harvin’s health, and Sidney Rice’s hip is still giving him pain.

Some positive. Favre would make for a fantastic option if you have another QB with upside that you are confident with if Favre goes down. If Favre is your second QB and you took a solid QB already, rock on. If you have one of the Top four QBs who don’t tend to miss time you may be able to float a trade after your starters bye week and a big game by Favre.

Here is how the Top 5 shake out with ADP. The highest and lowest pick used on them in mock drafts are included as well. Check out our Quarterback Redraft Rankings to view the Top 25 with ADP.

Rank Player Bye ADP* HIGH LOW
1 Aaron Rodgers, GB 10 1.10 1.01 2.12
2 Drew Brees, NO 10 2.03 1.03 3.03
3 Peyton Manning, IND 7 2.08 1.07 3.07
4 Tony Romo, DAL 4 3.10 2.05 5.04
5 Matt Schaub, HOU 7 4.03 2.05 5.10
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