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Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver, Percy Harvin, is one of those guys that can bust a big play from anywhere on the field. He will lineup in multiple places on the field and adds another dimension in fantasy football leagues that reward players for their play in the return game, where he added 1156 yards and two TDs in his rookie season.

The obvious concern right now are the migraine headaches that haunted Harvin during the 2009 season into training camp in 2010. Apparently Harvin has dealt with the pain since he was ten years-old. On August 19th Harvin collapsed during practice and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. After spending a night in the hospital Harvin returned to watch practice from the sidelines. Harvin will see specialists to try and get a handle on the problem, otherwise it appears he will continue to play with the pain.

The timing of the episode will throw a twist into fantasy football drafts. Harvin’s Average Draft Position (ADP) is taking a bit of a hit as owners that would have considered Harvin in one position a week ago will have to take a look at the risk and reward. A major concern with the migraine headaches is that they can come out of nowhere, including just before game time. The risk of taking Harvin in a position where you need him in your starting lineup can be a bit scary.

While Harvin is a slot receiver, the dynamics of his game play are very attractive to the fantasy owner. He had 15 rushing attempts last season and could see that go up a bit with the departure of Chester Taylor. while is wouldn’t be a considerable amount, every extra touch that Harvin gets could be a fantasy football jackpot.

The departure of Taylor may also raise Harvin’s targets. With the return of Brett Favre there should not be a shortage of passes.

Percy Harvin fits perfectly into the fantasy football #3 Wide Receiver role. If you start two WRs, he is there where you can play matchups. If he is your third WR in a league starting three WRs, you should be able to snag a comparable WR in the case of an onset of headaches.  Given his chance at gaining points on the ground, this could set you up to out match your opponent at the Wr3 position significantly.

Harvin’s current ADP is at the sixth pick in the sixth round. He has been taken anywhere from the early fourth round to the early ninth round. The sixth round fits as a place that an owner may already have starters in place at key positions before floating the risk. We feel the fourth round is too early for Harvin.

Harvin is currently ranked at #21 in our Wide Receiver Redraft Rankings. This can easily rise if medication is put in place to tame the Migraines.

Fantasy Points are standard scoring, 1 point per 10 yards, 6 points per TD. PPR points factor in a point per reception.

Year Gm Rec Re-yds Ave Re-TD Ru-Att Ru-yds Ave R-TD Fan pts PPR pts
2009 15 60 790 13.2 6 15 135 9.0 0 128.5 188.5
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