Fantasy Football Bedpan | Injuries Preseason Week 3

Over the last few years we have brought out the fantasy football bedpan at the end of the week to give some commentary on the injuries that may be hampering your team. During the season we will have more commentary on what action to take if you roster these players.

Let’s have a look at some of those players you have drafted or are about to draft to your fantasy football squad.


  • Donovan McNabb isn’t likely to see anymore preseason time due to his sprained ankle. Don’t get paranoid, it’s a sprained ankle that could happen to someone walking down the street.

Running Back:

  • Joseph Addai has been making some separation between him and Donald Brown.during the preseason. He suffered a concussion against the Packers on Thursday night that should be fine by the start of the season.
  • Fred Jackson/ Marshawn Lynch. The Bills Running Backs will get to watch C.J. Spiller the rest of the preseason and possibly into the second week.
  • Knowshonn Moreno has seen his draft stock take a little hit because of his hamstring injury. He could return to practice anytime

Wide Receiver:

  • Donnie Avery suffered a knee injury on Thursday night that some fear may be season ending. Coach Spags is looking forward to test results on Sunday.
  • Larry Fitzgerald shouldn’t have any issue being back on the field by the first week of the season. Like most studs, they know he is good and may not risk using him much more in the preseason.
  • Sidney Rice will be out until likely November. Whether or not you want to sit him on a roster that long is up to you, but we will look for someone scoring points to sit on ours.

Tight End:

  • Vernon Davis and his knee are on the shelf, likely until the season opener.

Individual Defensive Players (IDP):

  • Gary Brackett suffered a hand injury during the Packers on Thursday night. This is still up in the air as he never returned after leaving the field.
  • Brian Urlacher isn’t likely to see any more time during the preseason with a strained calf. The injury itself shouldn’t be a problem, the Bears already know he is pretty good and want him fresh.
  • D’Qwell Jackson did not have surgery on his Pec and does not plan on hitting the IR. If he is already on your IDP roster, don’t let him go anywhere. You won’t have him to start the season, but it would sure bite to give up on him and have him return.

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