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For the last few years Football Jabber has been pointing Fantasy Football owners in the direction of the best free fantasy football tools. There has been hesitation at times, for we are fantasy ballers ourselves, that we would give up something that our own rivals would use against us for the sake of evil. In the name of good though, we put the information out there, as promised. Never before now has there been a moment that we were so tempted to keep a nugget for ourselves…until now.

This morning, we were stopping by to visit The Fantasy Football Librarian when we came across a post that ended with the praise of a browser plugin that was touted as pretty cool. I remember looking at it once in the past, but that was as far as I got. Looking further I realized that Sara was introducing me to a tool that will change the way I myself play fantasy football.

This year I seriously cut back on leagues, it was just getting too much to keep up with. Inadvertently, I ended up in more than I planned. At least most are redraft and I don’t have to manage huge Dynasty rosters. Anyway, one of the problems was remembering who was on which team when it came to roster moves. More often than not I’m happy with my draft and don’t make many moves, but things happen (Damn you Tom Brady of 2008!). In just about ten minutes today, my roster problems were solved.

It took about ten minutes to look into, download the plugin, and enter my teams into the PickemFirst tool. When I tried it out I was blown away at the powerful simplicity.

With PickemFirst you can go to any site and click the “go” button. If there is a name on the page from your chosen fantasy sport (covers way more than Fantasy Football) an icon will appear. The icon will tell you if the player is available in your league, news items, projections, and more from multiple sources. If the player is available in your league, clicking will take you to your add/drop page. (See images below)

This plugin works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This guy here personally has it installed in Google Chrome.

Adding teams is simple. Once signed up you just enter your team page in the settings and BAM!. Multiple league hosts work. Personally I have leagues from MyFantasyLeague.com, ESPN, and NFL.com entered and all have worked without a hitch.

Now I know this is a power that can be used against me, but it was for a good cause to put it out there to our readers. I guess we will see which of my league mates were paying attention.

You can download and watch a video on it HERE.

Check out the Fantasy Football Librarian post HERE to see what she has to say about it.

Check out Ten Must Use Free Fantasy Football Resources too.

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  1. Red Mask says:

    Yeah, I’ve been using Pickemfirst for a while now, mostly with my baseball leagues and…. it is incredibly powerful, particularly if you’re playing in leagues where it’s first come, first served. Then you can set up wicked combos where alerts about a specific player are sent to your inbox right away, and you pick them up with a single click :)

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