Quarterback Rankings-ADP-Sleeper Update

The 2010 Fantasy Football season is approaching fast and Football Jabber has updated the Quarterback Rankings and Average Draft Position. If you are yet to draft it is time to get those cheat sheets together and decide where you are going to target your players.

We have taken a different turn with this update and added ADP from three live draft sources as opposed to the Mock Draft Data that we had been using. Along with where we rank a player you can see the overall average pick position of the player from MyFantasyLeague.com, CBS Sports, and ESPN draft results.

There has been some player movement since the last update, let’s have a look at a few movers and shakers.

Brett Favre(#15 to# 17): In our last update Lord Favre came back up the rankings after officially making his return to Minnesota. Since then we have seen Percy Harvin taken from practice in an ambulance and we have been notified that Sidney Rice will miss at least half the season.

While it isn’t a big fall back, it is not a move forward from our already unflattering previous ranking. Fantasy owners seem to be loving Favre more than we are. We already thought that we will see an end to Favre’s start streak this season due to injury, the uncertainty at WR does not help matters at all. Let someone else use too high of a pick on him.


Matthew Stafford (#16 to #14) : It is going to take some numbers in place for people to finally give in and admit that there are fantasy options other than Calvin Johnson on the Detroit Lions. While this isn’t a large move forward, we like Stafford more than his ADP suggests others do.

While we don’t suggest using an early pick on him, you can see by his ADP that he can be had for a value later. Just about the time that almost half the league has their backups you can swoop in and take this guy that we think has a good upside.

If you find yourself using your early picks on RBs and WRs, Stafford could make a great QB to throw in a Quarterback by Committee situation with someone like an Alex Smith.

Here is how the top five play out with ADP overall pick from three draft sites. See our Quarterback Redraft Rankings for the full list.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Aaron Rodgers, GB 10 7.45 8.71 9.7
2 Drew Brees, NO 10 8.19 8.39 7.4
3 Peyton Manning, IND 7 11.54 8.74 13.4
4 Tony Romo, DAL 4 24.08 23.35 35.6
5 Matt Schaub, HOU 7 26.35 23.35 35.6

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