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Hear that? The 2010 Fantasy Football seasons is getting closer. The NFL season starts next week and fantasy drafts will be wrapping up soon. If you have had not had yours yet, or you want to make some roster moves, we have updated out Wide Receiver Rankings and Average Draft Position Data for you.

We are doing something a little different with the ADP data now. Up until this week we had been using ADP results from Mock Drafts. Now we are showing the overall average pick from three live draft sources, MyFantasyLeague.com, CBS Sports, and ESPN.

Calvin Johnson (#8 to #4): This may look a little strange to some, being a Lion and all. Truth is that after the top two Wide Receivers there are five that could be interchangeable in the 3-7 slots for WR. So with that, once the first two are gone, you can feel safe waiting until the mid second round to get one of these guys. We just happen to think that Calvin Johnson could edge them in a few points.

Something weird is happening in Detroit. We know it is only the Preseason, but the Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson hook up is looking solid.

Malcolm Floyd (#29 to #24): Floyd’s name isn’t new being thrown out there. Since the whole Vincent Jackson thing came up he was the one being named as the man who was going to have to step up. We feel that Floyd is a great #3 WR option with upside.

With an ADP of the middle of the seventh round you could be well stocked at starters before taking him as a 3-4 WR. It is our thinking that Floyd has the potential to put up WR2 numbers before it is over.

Bernard Berrian (NA to #38): With the Sidney Rice injury and the Percy Harvin headaches, owners are looking around at who else there is to throw to. That Berrian guy used to be pretty good.

The Vikings have added a couple WRs this week, but right now we see Berrian as the guy who has to step up. Don’t give up too much for him, but keep an eye on him.

Here is how the Top Five play out. For the complete list of WRs, check out our Wide Receiver Redraft Rankings.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Andre Johnson, HOU 7 8.76 8.56 8.3
2 Randy Moss, NE 5 15.10 14.87 12
3 Reggie Wayne, IND 7 19.05 17.36 16.9
4 Calvin Johnson, DET 7 22.03 26.05 24
5 Larry Fitzgerald, ARI 6 19.82 22.67 16.3
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