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We are heading down the final stretch as far as fantasy football drafts go for the 2010 season. We have been updating our rankings and throwing them out there to our readers and we conclude this go around with the Tight End rankings and Average Draft Position.

We shook things up on the ADP this time around. Instead of using mock draft data we are using live draft ADP data from MyFantasyLeague.com,CBS Sports, and ESPN. The numbers are for the overall pick now as opposed to the round/pick we used before.

The Tight End position is deep this season, but don’t be left in the cold on taking the wrong guy. Getting the right starting Tight End can mean the difference between and win and loss when it comes to match ups with your opponent. Let’s have a look at some movement in this update…

Jermichael Finley, GB (#4 to #3): This is not a significant leap in the rankings, but it is just enough when trying to figure out who to go to  with the #3 Tight End. We are seeing a break out for Finley this season as the Packers offense is already in mid-season form before the season starts.

Right there with Finley are going to be Jason Witten and Vernon Davis. What you need to decide is if you are going to be the next guy to pull the TE trigger after Gates and Clark are gone. You could wait and either Witten or Davis may even go ahead of Finley. That would make a nice bonus, but if you like Finley as much as we do, you may not want to take the chance. His ADP is around the 60th pick, so in a 12 team league you are going to want to get ready in the mid to late fourth round and on.

Zach Miller, OAK (#9 to #8): While we have had our eye on Miller as a Top 10 TE for some time, we can just not get over the possible value that he can bring with him. If you want to wait on TE while others may be over paying for the second tier guys, watch Miller (of the Oakland Miller’s, not Jacksonville).

Miller has led the Raiders in Receiving yards and receptions for the last two years and he is only improving. Jason Campbell is in town now and is thought to be an upgrade at QB, which can only help Zach Miller. While the Raiders hope that their WR corps will finally catch on this season, Miller will make the perfect guy for Campbell to rely on.

Now about drafting Miller. As mentioned, he is the perfect TE to take while your peers where grabbing the second tier guys and you are grabbing value at other positions. If you are an owner who values depth, this is your chance to take it. Beware, we endorse the “whoever scores the most wins” philosophy so don’t neglect your starting positions for too long.

The big buy on Miller is that you can very likely have him in the ninth round. Playing it safe you could take him in the mid to late eighth. Envision having your three RBs, three WRs, a QB and then landing our #8 TE.

Here are how the top five Tight Ends fall. To view the complete Tight End list, see our Tight End Redraft Rankings.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Antonio Gates, SD 10 44.82 40.5 44.3
2 Dallas Clark, IND 7 42.05 41.22 39.5
3 Jermichael Finley, GB 10 55.31 64.55 61
4 Jason Witten, DAL 4 59.65 54.27 63.5
5 Vernon Davis, SF 9 53.86 50.43 51
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