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Here we are in the last weekend before the 2010 NFL Season. For those lucky enough  to have been able to hold off on your fantasy football draft for the holiday weekend, we have made a final update to our Running Back redraft Rankings with Average Draft Position from three live draft sites included.

Getting the right RBs can put you at a significant advantage in the matchups against your opponents who are using early picks on QB and WR. If you can get players at those positions that are comparable in points, but you hold more points at RB…well, you can do that math.

Matt Forte (#20): It appears that Forte has held off Chester Taylor. As we have mentioned before, we don’t feel that it is fair for people to assume that Taylor will be catching all the balls out of the backfield as Forte has been toward the top of receivers at the Running Back position the last couple of years.

Jerome Harrison (#28): Due to default by injury of competition in Montario Hardesty, Harrison is moving up draft boards. If the Browns were not as much of a question mark we may see him a little higher. He is a solid #3RB back who can easily move into a #3RB role for you. Don’t feel bad if you miss out if someone takes him too soon as one way or another, he is still going to share time.

Correll Buckhalter (#37): Possible sleeper? How many years have we asked that question. Handcuff for Moreno, for sure. You should also look at him in later rounds if the Moreno owner doesn’t get him. Who knows if Knowshon can hold off the injury bug.

Here is how we have the Top 10 playing out. For the Top 50 see our Running Back Redraft Rankings.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Chris Johnson, TEN 9 1.35 1.23 1.5
2 Adrian Peterson, MIN 4 2.27 2.23 2.4
3 Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC 9 4.16 3.76 3.9
4 Ray Rice, BAL 8 4.88 4.86 4.9
5 Frank Gore, SF 9 7.3 7.59 7.7
6 Steven Jackson, STL 9 12.86 12.05 7.5
7 Michael Turner, ATL 8 8.14 7.17 8.9
8 DeAngelo Williams, CAR 6 16.61 14.60 13.5
9 Ryan Mathews, SD 10 19.38 22.47 25.7
10 Rashard Mendenhall, PIT 5 16.7 16.81 19.4
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