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We are in the last weekend before the 2010 NFL season begins. Who has Fantasy Football drafts to complete yet? I have always envied those that can put the draft off until just days before the first game of the season. Because there are drafts to be done yet, we have compiled one more listing of Fantasy Football Rankings. This batch here covers Wide Receiver.

Included with the Rankings we have the Average Draft Position from,CBS Sports, and ESPN live draft results. I love having ADP data available as it makes for a nice gauge where others may be valuing your targets.

Let’s have a look at some movers and shakers…

Larry Fitzgerald (#6): I have to say, I’m one who has fallen with Fitz. He is my #1WR in many leagues this season that drafted early. Don’t get me wrong, he is still going to be a solid #1WR, he has just fallen from the #3 slot we originally had him at this offseason.

Wes Welker (#14): So as it comes down to kickoff of the season and Welker is looking like he is going to be just fine. His ADP has been all over since owners who drafted early didn’t know what to make of him. There certainly were some owners who lucked out getting him late. We see Welker as a #2WR who can make for part of a solid pair with a stud #1WR.

Laurent Robinson(#30) Robinson has moved the most in recent weeks as the injury to Donnie Avery has put him out for the season. We have him ranked a little higher than people will take him so you can watch him fall a little bit. We see him as an upside pick and wouldn’t suggest taking him too soon. When you see some of the players that are behind him being drafted, who are certainly to be valued more, you can take a swing at him.

Here is how the Top 10 shake out. For complete the complete Top 50 with ADP see our Wide Receiver Redraft Rankings.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Andre Johnson, HOU 7 8.76 8.56 8.3
2 Randy Moss, NE 5 15.10 14.87 12
3 Reggie Wayne, IND 7 19.05 17.36 16.9
4 Calvin Johnson, DET 7 22.03 26.05 24
5 Roddy White, ATL 8 25.19 24.3 25.06
6 Larry Fitzgerald, ARI 6 19.82 22.67 16.3
7 Miles Austin, DAL 4 22.06 23.37 24.1
8 Greg Jennings, GB 10 29.57 34.19 30.2
9 Brandon Marshall, MIA 5 28.33 28.23 20.7
10 Marques Colston, NO 10 32.54 30.61 33.4
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