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This is it! That last week leading up until the NFL season for Fantasy Football owners to assemble their squads. We know many filled their rosters over the weekend, but in case you still have a draft or need to make some roster moves we have done a final update to our Quarterback Redraft Rankings with Average Draft Position (ADP).

We all know who the top QBs are and people will have their reasons for who they like out of the bunch. Let’s have a look at a few of those that you may be on the fence with…

Brett Favre, Minn: We predict that Favre will not put up numbers like he did in 2009. Sorry, that was kind of a joke. Considering that he has never put up a season like that in his Hall of Fame career, we think that is one of the easiest predictions to make. Sadly some lead with that like it is prophetic.

Doing the math, Favre is a year older, is missing Sidney Rice for at least half the season, may not have a target that is 100% in Percy Harvin some weeks, and the injuries don’t go away as fast as they used to. We are sad to think that we may see Favre’s starting streak come to an end and a retirement that isn’t necessarily on his terms.

In the fantasy football world, we slate Favre as part of a QB by committee or back up fantasy QB. Chances are if you wait to take Favre as anything other than your starter, someone else is going to draft him before you. I personally never have to make the decision because someone takes him several rounds before where I would have.

Matthew Stafford, DET: Remember those days when you had trouble taking Aaron Brooks as a QB in fantasy football? He was putting up decent fantasy numbers, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to take that Saints QB? We think there is something happening similar in Detroit. Not so much comparing the players, but compairing how historically losing teams and positions make a turn for the right. Regardless of the blue and silver he wears, we like Matthew Stafford.

Brooks eventually took a nosedive back into Saints QB-ness and then banished to Oakland. As the Lions add weapons around Stafford we look for him to only get better. So much so that we have moved him in the rankings into the Top 12. The beauty if you want to grab him is that you own’t have to grab him early at all, in fact he may even go undrafted.

With the expectations that are on him from fantasy owners…not much in Detroit…we think that Stafford has the most potential to surprise this season.

Donovan McNabb, WAS: With McNabb missing time with the ankle injury, he has fallen a bit in our rankings. We have him in the backup Fantasy QB roll/QB by Committee, landing just ahead of those like Chad Henne and Vince Young. Learning a new offense, missing time, and the injury all together could make for a slow start.

Here is how the Top Five QBs play out with Average Draft Position. To see the entire rankings list, see our Quarterback Redraft Rankings.

Rank Player Bye MFL CBS ESPN
1 Aaron Rodgers, GB 10 7.45 8.71 9.7
2 Drew Brees, NO 10 8.19 8.39 7.4
3 Peyton Manning, IND 7 11.54 8.74 13.4
4 Tony Romo, DAL 4 24.08 23.35 35.6
5 Matt Schaub, HOU 7 26.35 23.35 35.6

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