Update for Football Jabber Subscribers!

Hey there Jabberheads! I wanted to take a minute to throw out a bit of a warning to the Fantasy Football subscribers that we have here at Football Jabber. You are going to be noticing a lot more NFL Draft content going forward. In 2009 we slowed a bit on the NFL Draft coverage here as we branched out to build a sister site in NFLDraftToday.com. We are reeling it back in and putting everything under one roof again.

If you would prefer to just get the Fantasy Football content, consider subscribing to that category below. Of course we would like you taking it all in, but if you are not interested in all of the material we would rather have you subscribing to just what you are interested in rather than unsubscribing. If you play in Dynasty leagues we would suggest you still keep up on the NFL Draft Prospects, here or not of course.

As we have offered in the past, there will be several feeds to choose from if you would like to narrow down the content you get to your specific interests (see below).

So the short version is, everything we have been doing is staying, more NFL Draft stuff. You can get what you want by subscribing to what fits below. Thanks for taking the time to listen to us jabber!

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Article by Lee

Lee created Football Jabber in 2007 as a sounding board for a love of the NFL, Fantasy Football, the NFL Draft, and College Football. He may or may not be responsible for the fall of the breakfast drink Tang. Read 134 articles by Lee
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