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Coming into the 2010 season things were looking up for Tony Romo with the addition of Dez Bryant and the retention of Miles Austin. This guy right here had Romo leading a couple of fantasy squads with certain playoff berths in the future. Now…not so sure. There are moves to be made for those that do not have a solid backup for Romo on their squad. What to do…what to do…?

Trading Block:

While some people love the trading aspect in fantasy football, I’m not a big fan. I’m usually happy enough with my draft each year that I only make moves out of necessity and they are usually off the wire. There are a couple instances in the Romo-less situation where a trade may be the way to go.

Who has Big Ben? Many a drafter got Big Ben for a value and stashed him away as a bye week filler. If that owner’s bye week has passed there are likely one of two things going on now. First, Big Ben can be expendable as we go down the stretch if the owner favors his original QB. Second, the owner could favor Big Ben, making his original starting QB  available in the trade market. Look at weakness on his team and compare it with your depth, looking for what would help you both out.

Who has Kolb or Vick? This is a long shot as who knows what Andy Reid is going to do from week to week with the hot hand. Vick is supposed to start when he returns. Maybe he can be had by an owner that doesn’t want to deal with the inconsistency of Reid’s decisions.

On the Waiver Wire:

If going the Waiver Wire route you may want to go the Quarterback By Committee approach, playing the matchups. Depending on who you already have, if you have a backup to Romo, you can still put consistent points on the board with some of the players on the wire.

Jon Kitna is going to fly off the wire this week. Is it because he is a sure thing? No…but owners will jump at him as if a healthy Romo was sitting on the wire because of the talent around him…and because that is what people do when starters go down. It’s worth a try if you can get him.

The player I’m watching is the returning Matthew Stafford. He should be available on most Waiver Wires and has a big upside with the talent around him.

Josh Freeman, Chad Henne, and Matt Cassell are going to continue to have some solid weeks if you can sift them out. Even Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick has been looking good enough to put in a QBBC.

In the end, all is not lost if you find yourself with a big red “O” behind Romo’s name on your roster. There are moves that can be made, let us know what you were able to pull off!

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