NFL Seasons: Raiders will be Traveling for More than 30,000 Miles for the Upcoming Season

NFL Players boarding flight

The NFL season is just around the corner. Many fans are now looking forward to the upcoming games. NFL teams have been preparing their schedule for their games. On the other hand, fans are now preparing their airline miles for these games as they list down some of the most anticipated games of the upcoming season.  They can even consider exchanging or trying to sell miles for perks being offered by game venues or establishments within their vicinity.

Most of the NFL teams will be flying in and out of the country. Among all the teams in NFL, it seems like the Raiders will be flying more than the other teams. The Raiders have a total number of traveling distance of 31,732 miles while the other teams like the Panthers, Bengals, and Falcons have a combined number of 24,496 miles.

Other NFL teams have a maximum of 8 trips for their upcoming games while the Raiders have 9 games. This is because of their agreement to play their home game in London, instead of playing it in Oakland. Raiders are not only the NFL team that will be traveling to the United Kingdom. Teams like the Seahawks and Chargers will also be traveling from the West Coast to England. The top NFL teams will be present in London for their upcoming matches, as big fans, this is something that you should really be looking forward to. If you happen to have some airline miles it is best that you start saving them for these upcoming games these years.

Football enthusiasts are now hoping that the scheduling of the games will be more convenient for the players. Constant traveling can affect their performance. It will take a few days for players to adjust, especially if they are traveling across the country.

There have been several incidents that pinpointed constant traveling as a factor that affects the team's performance on their scheduled games. From last season's data, teams that have traveled lesser than 2,000 miles had a better chance of winning in games. From 2014-2017, teams that have traveled lesser have better chances of winning with a 0.435 mark, which is equivalent to 65 points per game.

A 2,000-mile flight is equivalent to a 5-hour flight. If the team has more than 2,000 miles' flight, it can be stressful for them. They will most probably sit-out more than 5 hours to their destination. This can be a problem, especially if games are scheduled within 48 hours or less from each other.  The constant sitting can make muscles stiff and strained from sitting in one position.

Another factor that can affect the player's performance is the food being served in-flight. Players have a specific diet whenever they have upcoming games. If the team is not flying via charter plane, there is a tendency that players may not eat whatever food is served for them. 

Their food should at least be a TB12 approved to ensure that they are ready for their upcoming. With the looks of it, Raiders will have to schedule their flights well. They have 3 one-way flights for the upcoming 2018 season. Hopefully, their management is smart enough to schedule flights that are a bit farther from the actual game. In that way, players will have enough time to rest, get acquainted, and practice for their games.

The coming NFL season is something that many fans should be looking forward to. It promises the best games in London and more. The long flights may be stressful but there is nothing as exhilarating when you watch the best games live.

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