CBDs Potential Use for the NFL

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Marketed as a kind of magical cure for any and all ailments, CBD – also called Cannabidiol, and in one of its most popular forms, CBD Oil – has garnered the support of both patients and athletes everywhere.

Personal accounts of the immense help that CBD has provided in the treatment of their personal health problems has certainly helped CBD catch the eye of the public. These problems include insomnia, physical pain, inflammation, and even addiction to opiates. Today, CBD use now considered as one of the latest trends in the non-traditional treatment of these conditions.

Implications of CBD Use in Football

What exactly does this mean for football players? The implications are clear. Researchers have begun looking into CBD as a treatment for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – a condition that is neuro-degenerative in nature, and, because of the sport’s very physical nature, one that is very common among former football players.

This condition has been thought of as untreatable for the longest time, which only helps CBD gain the support of both current and former football players from all levels. However, advancement in research linking the use of CBD in the treatment of CTE among football players faces a big legal obstacle in the form of the NFL. The National Football League is the premier association for all things football.

Although they have, in fact, acknowledged in the past that football is facing a crisis concerning concussion among former players and are supportive of the possibility of leading a movement in the development of treatment for CTE and other ailments that are related to concussion, they cannot truly proceed with this course of action unhindered.

Funding research dedicated to furthering the treatment of CTE and concussion-related ailments, specifically for football players, means that the NFL will essentially be acknowledging the fact that a link does exist between CTE and concussions (specifically, those obtained from the game).  This only means that they will be opened up to possibly billions upon billions of dollars worth of lawsuits from former players. Despite this, many football players and even coaches have come forward in support of CBD. Some of them have even gone so far as to go in front of media and openly advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana. These players, former players, and coaches are voicing their belief that CBD products such as CBD Oil are healthier alternatives to conventional pain relievers and treatments such as pills.  The latter has been endlessly reported to cause addiction and even end careers.

As promising as all of these may sound, the fact still stands that CBD use and its effectiveness in treating injuries and ailments are not well documented in the clinical sense.

Despite numerous stories and claims by patients who have used CBD products, in actuality, not much research has been done to investigate what CBD actually does for these patients who use it. Although scientific journals do exist, they are unfortunately few, and even fewer are the clinical reports regarding the effects, benefits, and disadvantages of using this particular compound in any of its forms, including CBD Oil.

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