Preparing Healthy Home-Cooked Food for Football Players


Football is a sport that requires a lot of energy. If your child is a football player, they require a healthy home-cooked meal with all the required nutrients. This is regardless of whether they are a rookie in the junior league or they are a college quarterback. You can view sun basket meals list for food inspiration and below is a list of food requirements that they need.


Your child needs a lot of energy to run across the field and chase the ball. According to a recent study, a football player requires 45-65% of carbohydrates.

Some foods contain more carbohydrates than others do. Whole grain has more carbs. They have fibre, vitamins and other better alternatives. When creating a meal for your child, look for pasta, cereals, crackers and whole grain slices of bread. The cereal should be low in sugar and fat. Other sources include unsweetened fruits.

Foods such as fried potatoes and pastries are high in calories but low in vitamins. They contribute to weight gain and a variety of health problems. They are unhealthy sources.

Football players who are overweight get tired easily in the field and have less energy. High-fat foods also take a long time to digest and reduce the stamina during the games. Limit the amount of junk food in your child’s diet.


Proteins help repair and build muscles. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics say that 10-15% of an athlete’s intake should be of proteins.

Incorporate more sources of proteins in your child’s diet. Combine carbohydrates and protein in a meal to help balance the nutrition that your child receives. For example, they could eat a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread or a yoghurt with fresh fruit. Sources of proteins include poultry, meat, eggs, fish and low-fat dairy products.

Pre-Game Nutrition

The timing of when your child eats the meals plays a huge role in the football practice or during the actual match. They should eat carbohydrate meals a few hours before the match. If they are playing in the afternoon, give them a carbohydrate-rich breakfast

Encourage them to take plenty of fluids and snacks such as protein bar an hour or more before the game begins. This will keep them hydrated throughout the game.

Eating too much fat before the game will leave them tired and with less energy. It might also leave them with an upset stomach or gas. Sports drinks may also help boost stamina during the game until they can have a proper meal.

Post-Game Nutrition

After the game, it is important to rehydrate. Football players sweat a lot and lose many fluids. Liquids help to replenish the fluids lost. Encourage your child to drink juices, beverages and sports drinks.

They can also have carbohydrate-rich snacks like crackers or granola bars. This should be followed by a protein-rich meal. This will help repair any injuries quickly and help them retain the muscle mass.

Follow the above tips on healthy home cooking for your child’s health and soaring football career.

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